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Robert Rite (10/1/2016) – The enemy has always wanted to unite all nations under a totalitarian style kingdom whereby he could execute all of his evil end time schemes.  God knew that man was no match to the devil’s cunning so he created the Oceans to separate us, and He established many languages, tribes and cultures as checks and balances to counter the enemy’s agenda (Genesis 11:4-9).

In this message we will review:
1) What is the Mark and How to identify it
2) Why so many will take the Mark
3) Consequences of Taking the mark

Today, all it may take is a major calamity such as another world war or nuclear incident, a global economic collapse, asteroid impact, a manufactured crisis or related, for an outcry for solutions. The bible clearly reveals that the solution the world will eventually get is a global government under one leader, and it will be exactly the decision that the global elite under Satan’s influence want the masses to make.

Many are already Conditioned to Embrace a Global Government and the Mark

When you look at the deteriorating condition of the world today, particularly with regards to the level of immorality and iniquity, those of us who resist the prince of this age and the kingdom of darkness can clearly see why it will not take much for a coming charismatic leader who seems to have all the answers to the world’s woes to dupe the masses into “taking the mark“.

What is the Mark of the Beast, and the Beast Kingdom

666 is a symbolic number assigned to a man who will rule the world at the time of the end. He is referred to as the antichrist and man of perdition; also simply as the “beast“.

The symbolic mark on the forehead or hand that will be enforced by the beast kingdom is referred to as the “mark of the beast“.  Of course they will use a more sanguine name such as “freedom pass“, “security card” or some other feel good label.

In Hosea 4:6 God declared “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge“.  Notice He is saying “My people“, in other words even some so called Christians will be duped into taking the mark.

The end time empire that the antichrist will control is referred to as the beast kingdom (Dan. 7:23). The beast kingdom will be comprised of ten nations and the antichrist will emerge from this 10 nation confederacy (Daniel 7:7-8; Ezekiel 38; and Revelation 17).

Why will so many take the Mark of the Beast?

The bible reveals that all who are not written in the book of life (by accepting Christ as the Lord that they worship) will worship the beast and take his mark (Rev. 13:8). It is hard for many to accept that in the last days the world will be so demon possessed that it will hate and reject the Sovereign God and embrace the god of this fallen world; the prince of darkness.  They will reject everything that has to do with God; including the bible, the true church, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and God Himself.
The bible will probably be banned, under the guise that it is a document of intolerance, and hatred, and other demonic lies!
(this is already the case in many places, including public schools).

19 Reasons why so many will take the Mark

1) The first likely reason is that some people will not recognize the mark when it is introduced and offered.  Most are looking for a physical mark.  It may be a physical mark, but it may also be a spiritual mark requiring certain associated actions, blood covenants and or sacrament(s). Whatever form this mark takes, I believe it must have a strong religious or spiritual connection, covenant or ritual associated with it.  After all, Almighty God is not going to condemn billions to the lake of fire for just accepting a number, national ID card or related meaningless mark.    
Note: The important point to understand is that the wise and those written in the Book of Life will immediately recognize and reject the mark, but the unbelievers may NOT, or may be in denial and or make mental excuses so that they can remain an active part of the end time global system (beast kingdom)!

2) They will not know the prophecies and so will fall for the lies that promulgate the benefits for taking it. Many will believe the Satanic lies of the global leaders because they lack divine knowledge of the word and of the prophecies (Hosea 4:6).

3) Many who are lukewarm in the spirit will take the mark out of fear of persecution, or martyrdom.  Few Christians today can make it to church on Sunday, how many of these do you think would be willing to die or starve by refusing the mark?

4) Some will already be void of God’s spirit so they will welcome it.

5) They do not want to disconnect from the things of this world because they place more value on the things of this world rather than eternal things.

6) The world will soon become so demon possessed that the inhabitants will hate and reject the God of the bible and embrace the god of this world.  They will even rejoice at the enemy’s program to exterminate God’s elect (read Rev. 11:12)

7) Many will be so void of the scriptures and the truth that they will be unaware that by taking the mark they will open themselves up to the full wrath and judgment of God and the Lake of Fire (Rev. 20:15).

8) VERY IMPORTANT: Some will take the mark because they think that they can always repent later, since God is so forgiving.  They fail to know that taking the mark is an irrevocable blood covenant with the devil!  While not taking the mark may be a physical death sentence, taking the mark is a permanent death that leads to eternal damnation (Rev. 14:9-11).

Below are reasons that some take the Mark as related to the End Time Global Government

9) The antichrist will be a charismatic leader who promises solutions to the world’s problems.

10) He probably will be physically appealing with the trivial characteristics that attract the inhabitants of today’s lost world.  Many worship outward appearances.

11) He will wield great power backed by enormous military & economic power, and people tend to side with whoever has more power irrespective of their moral fabric.  Many worship “perceived” power.

12) As he develops his demonic powers, he even performs miracles (Dan. 8:24).

13) He initially comes across as a peacemaker (like Jesus is). He makes a 7 year treaty with Israel – and so many will admire him; he may even win a “Noble Peace Prizeor appear as Time Magazine’s “person of the year”; as awarded to Adolf Hitler in 1938!  Of course this too will prove to be another deception, and the treaty will be broken at the midpoint of the covenant (Daniel 9:27).

14) He controls the global financial system, so people will not be able to hold a job or buy and sell without taking his mark (Rev. 13:17).

15) Because of the prophesied calamities and judgments of the apocalypse, which may include nuclear and chemical attacks, the beast kingdom under antichrist will most likely impose food rationing so that most will not be able to eat unless they take the mark.  Suggestion: Prepare by storing food and water to sustain your household.

16) He will control access to technology. Technology has already made it very easy to track and monitor people. The government could persuade most into taking the mark just by making access to the internet restricted to only those who take the mark.  Some folks worship their tech-gadgets!

17) Just like the Germans swallowed the lies of the NAZI party, so will the masses believe the lies of the coming global government.

18) Many will be so deluded that they will accept the lies of their leaders as moral truths.  They will love evil and hate good (Is. 5:20).  They will also hate and curse God, and blame God for all of their afflictions (Rev. 16:9)!

19) The multitudes which place their trust on their government leaders or the media will fall prey to the lies, and the consequences thereof.

As we can see, many who take the mark will do so thinking that a one world government and economic system will provide many fringe benefits such as financial security, world peace and protection.  They will also embrace the lie that a universal religion will lead to global harmony and brotherly love!

Only those that lack divine wisdom and biblical knowledge will believe and find a sense of security in taking the mark of the beast (666), and making an irrevocable covenant with Satan.  The rest of us know that taking the mark offers illusory benefits.

But as soon as he gains full control at the second half of the tribulation period, the antichrist will unveil his true colors.  He will require the world to worship him as god. Incredibly most will do just that by willingly taking up his mark on their hand or forehead (Revelation 13:16-17).

 Why you do NOT Want to Take the Mark

– It is clear that whoever chooses Satan’s mark (666) will be unable to repent.
– This may be because when they choose the mark of Satan, they immediately inherit the full spirit of Satan; unable to ever love, feel remorse or repent!
– Whatever the illusory sense of security or benefits the mark offers, they are only short lived (just a few months up to 3.5 years or less).  Those who take it open portals that allow demonic activity in their lives and household – not to mention that it opens them up to the full wrath of God, and the end time judgments reserved for them – foretold in Revelation Ch. 16.
– At the close of this age, the bible makes it clear that the antichrist, false prophet, Satan and all who take the mark- they will ALL be cast down to the lake of fire.
These will all be blotted out of the “Book of Life” (they are sentenced to eternal damnation), because they will choose to worship Satan in lieu of the God of heaven (read Revelation: 13:8, 16:9 and 16:11).

So do NOT side with the losing side – choose life!

The good news is that all those who are written in the “Lambs Book of Life” will most assuredly know the truth, and every single one of them will recognize and refuse the mark – securing eternal salvation in paradise!

This article is an excerpt from Robert Rite’s book: Apocalypse Countdown – 2015 to 2021

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