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Robert Rite (8/12/2015): Angels are mentioned approximately 300 times in the Bible. And they have many functions and responsibilities in heaven and on earth. We will review their purpose, function and how they can have a positive impact on our life.

In Job 38:7 we read that angels already existed when God was creating the earth and the universe. Although the bible makes mention of just 2 angels Gabriel and Michael, and 2 fallen angels – Lucifer (who became Satan) and Abaddon (angel of the bottomless pit), in Nehemiah 9:6, Daniel 7:10 and the Book of Revelation it is revealed that there are an innumerable number of angels in heaven.  If just one angel is assigned to each of us then we can conclude that there are at least 7 billion angels; and if 2 are assigned to each person, then there are at least 14 billion – not to mention the multitude of warrior angels charged to keep the kingdom of Satan in check!

As noted, it is believed that we all have at least one, possibly two angels assigned to us.  These assigned angels may be with us throughout our life, and guide God’s children to heaven when they die.

Among their many functions, they guard and protect God’s people and their household (home and family).

Below are 20 duties and functions that angels perform for God:

1) One of the primary functions of angels is to praise and worship God (Psalms 148:2-5 and Luke 1:18-19)

2) Angels are ministering spirits (Hebrews 1:14). An angel ministered to Jesus at the garden of Gethsemane (Luke 22:43) and after he resisted Satan’s temptations 3 times in the wilderness (Mathew 4:11).

3) Angels Guarded Jesus and rolled away the stone from his grave Mathew 28:2

4) Angels communicate with humans and provide instruction from God (Mathew 28:5)

5) Angels do not know as much as God (Mathew 24:36)

6) Angels are guardians of little children and all people (Mathew 18:10)

7) Angels rejoice over saved souls and repentant sinners (Luke 15:10)

8) They are sent to earth to kill God’s enemies (2 Kings 19:35)

9) Angels are God’s Soldiers (2 Samuel 24:16)

10) Angels are our fellow servants and so are not to be worshiped (revelation 22:9)

11) Angels can cause afflictions (Acts 12:23)

12) Angels are God’s messengers (Mathew 28:5)

13) Under God’s judgment angels cast evil people and spirits to hell (Mathew 13:41-42)

14) Under God’s saving grace, angels will gather together the saved (Mathew 24:31)

15) Seven powerful angels will carry out the 7 series of judgments in Revelation (the seal, bowl and trumpet judgments) against the whole earth.

16) Angels camp around those who fear God (Psalm 34:7-8)

17) Angels patrol the earth Zechariah 1:10-11 – they are god’s protection squad for God’s people and the whole earth for that matter (whether people accept or reject God).

18) Angels can be sent down to strengthen us in times of trial and suffering (Luke 22:43)

19) Angels interpret dreams for us (Mathew 1:20-21)

20) Angels also can be sent down to interpret Prophecy for us (Daniel 9:22-23)

The gospels provide many examples of angels fighting God’s battles on earth against evil nations, rulers, spirits, and principalities.  They are in constant battle against Satan, and his host of demons and fallen angels (also referred to as principalities). 

Characteristics of Angels

– In timothy 5:21 we learn that angels have different rank levels (such as archangels, cherubs, etc.).

– They are holy beings (Mark 8:38)

– They are very powerful supernatural beings – 1 angel alone killed 185,000 Assyrian soldiers (2 Kings 19:35).

– God’s angels have a will; they are free to choose.  This is why Lucifer chose to rebel against God and transformed into Satan.  God’s angels are sinless by choice (Mark 8:37-38). 

Note that angels can transform into human form when they are sent to communicate with or test man.  So treat everybody with respect and love, as you may not know when you are in the company of angels! (Hebrews 13:2)

Angels bear God’s name and carry His authority. So although we are not to worship angels – we are to respect them because of who they represent.

The types of Angels and their Purpose

Seraphim (Is. 6:1 & 2, 6) – they have 6 wings and they are located around God’s heavenly throne.

Archangels – (Jude 1:9) – The bible reveals two archangels; Michael and Gabriel.  Michael is the chief warrior angel and Gabriel is the chief messenger angel.  I believe that Michael the Archangel is even more powerful than Satan.  As we read in Revelation 12:7, Michael and his angelic host wars against the dragon Satan and his fallen angels and is able to cast him out of heaven.  We read again in Revelation 20:2 how an angel casts the devil/Satan into the bottomless pit.    

Cherubim – This is the most mentioned type of angels, although their description is a bit perplexing (Ezekiel 1:6-10).

Can we See Angels?

The short answer is yes – but only if it is God’s will.  Let’s explore this further.

Men of God who bear the gift of spiritual eyes (such as evangelists, apostles and prophets), both in ancient and modern times, have reported seeing angels.  They have described them as very tall, usually 10 to 12 feet tall.  Their garments are a very bright white – almost glowing.  The apostle John had visions of angels many times as we read in the Book of Revelation (read Revelation 5:2; 7:1; 7:2; 8:2; 10:1; 14:6; 18:1; 19:17; 20:1).

We can only see into the supernatural realm if our motive is in the right place; namely to better know the will of God, and to only desire to see whatever God wants to show us.  For example, we will not see into the supernatural realm if God knows that we will not put the revelation to use, namely to advance God’s kingdom on earth (John 5:19).

Recognize however that our medium or gateway to the supernatural is the Holy Spirit – NOT angels!  But when we pray in faith the manifestations of angelic sightings are quite possible for those who seek to be in the presence of God’s angels; obviously not just for kicks or a spiritual rush, but when we genuinely seek revelation, wisdom and spiritual guidance.  But again remember that our main focus should be to receive empowerment and direction from the Holy Spirit of God, not angels.  Why you say?

Today, I believe we experience far less encounters and visions with and from angels because we have the Holy Spirit whereby we can receive direct guidance from God.  Most assuredly however, angels are all around; protecting us and performing the will of God.

So although angelic sighting are not so prevalent, they most assuredly are always by our side – particularly if we are serving the Lord in accordance with His will and purpose for our life.

Indeed, angels are most active around us when we are carrying on God’s mission in our life; when we are serving the Lord according to the spiritual gifts that God has blessed us with.  These are the times when we are most protected; as the angels are always assigned to God’s people engaged in advancing the kingdom of heaven, and or engaged in resisting, neutralizing or fighting Satan’s kingdom of hell.   

In closing, I beseech you to activate your gateway to the supernatural by praying regularly for wisdom, and God’s guidance through the Holy Spirit. Maintain a conscious attitude to only want God’s will to be done, no matter what that may be.  Pray, read and live the word of God on a daily basis. These are the keys that can activate your senses to the heavenly realm.

Prayer is your most powerful supernatural tool that can transform and bless your life, and release angelic protection and blessings upon your and the life of your loved ones, in accordance with God’s will.

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