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Do Voters really elect Their Kings and Presidents

Prophecy Alert: Post Election Message  Robert Rite (11/12/16) It wounded our collective spirit and the national conscience to watch our candidates humiliate themselves and spew such hateful accusations towards each other.  Oh how the glory of nations was humiliated before… Continue Reading →

Prophecy Alert – Current Situation in Syria and the Armageddon Link

Discover KEY End Time Prophecies that Syria is fulfilling today 8 warning signs that could indicate that WW III – Armageddon is closer than we may think      Robert Rite (10/19/16) – Most prophecy scholars believe that World War… Continue Reading →

Why it is not a Good Idea to Mess with Jerusalem & Israel

  Ten examples of what has happened when kingdoms and nations have tried to divide up God’s land    “…And I will enter into judgment with them there, on behalf of my people and my heritage Israel, because they have… Continue Reading →

Has Satan kidnapped the 2016 Presidential Election?

How & Why the Enemy is Meddling in the Most Fateful Election for the Leader of the Free World  Robert Rite (10/15/16): If you are disgusted with the current political and media circus surrounding the 2016 election campaign in America,… Continue Reading →

The Two Most Prophetic Events of the Past 100 Years

Discover How these 2 Fulfilled Prophecies Signal that we are the Last Generation that will Experience the Apocalypse Most Prophecy scholars agree that the following two major prophetic events are the most significant End Time events in modern times. Israel… Continue Reading →

Jerusalem – The Burdensome Stone

Robert Rite (12/1/2015):  Why is Jerusalem so special in the eyes of Jews, Muslims, Christians and of course God.  And why has Jerusalem become a cup of trembling to most nations of the world, and what will this controversy over Jerusalem lead… Continue Reading →

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