Four Supernatural aliens (2)Words that make Evil Spirits & Demons Hightail it!

Robert Rite (11/20/2016) – Did you know that there are over 4,000 different religions, faiths and cults out there; and many are downright dangerous. Sadly, those who meddle in the occult do not realize that they are playing with fire.

In this Message let’s explore:

– How not all supernatural energy is good
– The right kind of supernatural power
– The many fiery darts of the enemy
– How to rid your heart, mind and Life of demonic influence
– Divine tools for defeating evil spirits

Those who engage in the occult think that by doing so, they possess some magical powers, unaware that what they are feeling is demonic possessions.  They fail to know how easily they can be manipulated by the enemy and his arsenal of spiritual weapons, especially if they do not believe and follow the word of God.

When a person becomes totally separated from God, every thought in their mind may be subjected to evil (Genesis 6:5), and gradually they can lose all sense of remorse.  A good example of this are the serial killers who receive their joy and pleasure watching others suffer and die at their hands.  At that level of depravity these people have become no better than a demon, as they also find their joy and peace in evil.  They eventually became puppets and servants of the prince of darkness.

Even believers and the saved are not immune to the enemy’s attacks.  The enemy is an equal opportunity deceiver and hater. In fact, believers are even more vulnerable to attacks depending on their level of faith, and knowledge of the word.
For example, we read in Luke 22:31 how satan wanted to sift the apostle of Jesus like wheat.

Not all Energy is Good

Demons do emit energy, and this may be what attracts so many to practice the occult and dark arts.  Unfortunately the energy that these forces emit is negative energy used against them to convert that energy into thinking and engaging in evil.  These spirits of the underworld can easily possess those who invite them in – so as to receive their energy.  Once they are let into their body – it will not be easy to cast them out, save the power of God. 

Many do not realize that evil spirits may be the source of their failures and problems.  They fail to connect illnesses, problems, and tragedies in their life with a prior encounter with an evil entity.

Receiving the Right kind of Supernatural Power

The energy that we receive from the Holy Spirit and the power of the spoken word of God, on the other hand, results in healing, blessings, prosperity and other positive manifestations of the supernatural spirit of God.

While “energy” from the enemy releases evil thoughts, evil actions and problems for them and their loved ones, the Power of the Holy Spirit releases Supernatural Blessings!

When we pray for and receive the Holy Spirit in faith, then we have the Supernatural power to command demons and other malevolent spirits to depart from our thoughts, our body and our home.  All we have to do is speak the authority given to us by Christ which He promises in Luke 10:19. Let’s read:

Luke 10:19“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

The Many Fiery Darts of the Enemy

Demons operate from a parallel world, from another dimension.  They are satan’s army.  And their primary objective is to ruin our life, jobs, joy, health, relationships, and then make us unhappy, bitter, and angry.  They break us down to the point where we hate ourselves, then others, and finally God.  At that point, the enemy uses these people at will to perform his evil deeds.  And when their time is up the enemy takes great joy in knowing that he has stolen one more soul from God, who can now suffer eternal damnation with him for eternity.

Many of the enemy’s tactics are covert in nature, because many times, even when we are just trying to succeed, make money, or just “have a life”; even then we may still be marching to his beat.  Let’s see a few examples:

1) The enemy loves social media because it keeps us focused on the things of the world and not the things of heaven

2) The enemy loves the many idols of America such as football, games, tech-gadgets, movies, politics and all sorts of entertainment for the same reasons as the first.

3) He loves when we place so much emphasis on ourselves, our beauty and physic as vanity is a big part of his worldly kingdom.

4) He loves when we are preoccupied with the worries of life, our job, money because in all these things we are preoccupied serving the things of this world so that we have little or no time left over for God.

5) He loves when we are angry and in a state of rage, as this allows him to provoke us into committing violent and evil acts.

How to rid our heart, mind and Life of demonic influence

1) Examine every thought to make sure that they are coming from the right place.

2) Avoid all activities that may open up demonic portals – especially engaging in any of the demonic activities such as black magic, Necromancy, Sorcery, witchcraft, mediums, free spirit meditation, new age, occult religions and all related activities.

3) Avoid all music that recite and incite dark and demonic actions, thoughts and words. There are many of these demonic songs out there!

4) Avoid all occult related and horror based movies, and books.  These seemingly innocent entertainments can unknowingly open portals to the underworld.

5) Avoid alcohol – they do not call alcohol “spirits” for nothing.

6) Avoid all other mind altering drugs and substance as these also allow demonic access to and control of your mind; not to mention that these destroy our life and health.

7) You must read and understand the scriptures so that your spiritual senses can be sharpened and aligned with God’s word.  This is the only way that we can discern evil thoughts, beliefs and doctrine so that we are not easily swayed by false prophets, doctrines and wrong thinking.

8) Activate the supernatural power of prayer, by praying regularly. The more the better.  When we pray it is like a phone call to heaven, and you can only receive an answer if you dial up to heaven and speak.

9) Understand and put on the full armor of God – Ephesians Ch 6:13-20

10) Stay focused on the things of heaven – understand that all of the distractions of today are making it easier for people to come under demonic influence as they distance themselves further from God.

11) Forget about keeping up with the Jones – it opens the portals of greed envy and covetousness – all tools of the enemy.

12)  Don’t forget the golden rule, lest we become lovers of self rather than of others as 2 Timothy 3:1-9 warns for these last days.

Understand that whenever we feel hatred, envy, fear, rage and related emotions we can safely assume that satan is provoking it.  All we need to do when this starts to manifest is to quickly acknowledge where it comes from, and rebuke that emotion and the root cause of it.

Divine tools for defeating evil spirits

1) studying the word,
2) prayer,
3) faith,
4) repentance,
5) worship,
6) focus more on the things of heaven rather than the things of this world (1 John 2:15-17)
7) When we combine these with the greatest of commandment, to love our neighbor as ourselves, then we are pretty much spiritually Impenetrable to enemy attacks.

Four Words that make the enemy flee

If you ever feel a demonic or dark presence over you, there are 4 words that will make it flee from you.  The 4 words are: “the Blood of Jesus”.  I have heard others who have also experienced the following. There have been a couple of times in my life when I have suddenly awoken out of sleep, and felt a presence as if it was choking me.  I could not scream and could barely breathe, so I whispered the Blood of Jesus and the attack quickly stopped.  That is how powerful the name of Jesus and his blood is in fighting off the enemy.

For those battling demonic strongholds in their life, there is a bit of prep work before engaging the spirit. First, repent of your sins.  Then pray for God’s anointing with the Holy Spirit to fill you with the faith and courage to perform the rite.  Then you can recite the following with strong faith:  “in Jesus Name depart from me and go to the Abyss”

These demonic attacks and temptations are sure to persist; this side of heaven.  Even Jesus was tempted while on earth (Matt. 4:1).  So as children of the sovereign God, we are to be prepared for spiritual battles, for we are God’s warriors against the principalities, powers and the rulers of the darkness of this age.

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