America is under Attack by the demonic “Spirit of Addiction”


Robert Rite (7/23/16):  An addiction is any substance, thing, or activity which we become dependent, on a regular basis, to satisfy a physical or emotional craving.  Certain addictions become the center of people’s lives and thoughts.  Addiction encompasses many practices such as gambling, pornography, alcohol,  money, etc. This message is important to understand because America and its citizens are under attack by the demonic “Spirit of Addiction”, and this is why America’s jails are filled with inmates that landed in jail because of crimes related to some form of addiction.  As we will see, although addicts are not necessarily evil, the roots of addiction are very evil.  Let’s explore why.

In this message we will review:

1) Why addictions and alternative lifestyles are not hereditary
2) Why Addictions are so dangerous to our soul and salvation
3)  Why addiction has evil roots?
4) How to overcome addiction and sin

Substances that alter the mind and our ability to function, and that hinder our ability or desire to pray or focus on the word of God are used by the enemy to stifle the advancement of God’s kingdom on earth.  These substances inhibit our ability to hear and see the word of God, it separates us from our creator and His ability to shower us with the blessings and success that we were destined for and that we deserve!

Certainly, people may inherit diseases and related afflictions from their parents; depending on their genetic disposition.  And sadly, some babies are born addicted to certain substances because of the sins of their fathers.  My heart is broken and cries out for them.

Addictions of all types are devastating not just to ourselves but to our loved ones and society as a whole.

Important Note: Just because a substance or practice is deemed “legal and or moral” by societies standards does not mean that it is not “deadly”, both physically and spiritually.  We must never forget that we live today and throughout this age, in the “kingdom of Satan”, he currently influences the thoughts, minds and actions of the peoples, nations, and kings of this earth;
that is all who are not under God’s veil of protection!

Addiction, Just like an Alternative Lifestyle, is NOT Hereditary

Would a “loving” creator, condemn babies, which He created in “His Own image“, to certain death by making them spiritually and genetically deficient, different, incapable of keeping God’s commandments and His word, and unable to determine right from wrong?   Those who believe this are already deluded by the enemy.

This is a lie influenced by the enemy, who by the way particularly attacks the thinking of those in positions of high leadership and authority, politicians, “supreme” court justices, the media, and so called “greater” institutions that promulgate these lies.

God gave every soul that has ever graced this great green earth the  Ability & Choice to overcome ALL Addictions, ALL Sins, and ALL Evil  
because He Made us ALL in His very Image (Gen. 1:26)

The biggest lie started by the enemy is that some people are just hopelessly born into a sinful life, or a life of addiction.  Some folks walk around relishing sin and perversion and they justify it with the excuse “I was born that way”.   And a fallen society backs it up with “scientific” lies and with immoral laws.

Are the Roots of Addiction Evil?

Satan definitely tempts us to try drugs and to sin because he wants to destroy our lives and keep our human and supernatural potential under wraps.  So yes, addiction is another one of Satan’s fiery darts.  Here are some of the enemy’s “demon spirits” that keep some in bondage:

1) Tormenting Spirit such as oppression and infirmity:  We read of these in 1 Sam 15; 2 Tim. 1:7;  Acts 10:38 (oppression);  Luke 13:11-13 (infirmity)

2) Hindering spirit, such as Smoking (2 Cor. 12:7)

3) Suicidal spirit, also called cutting spirit where people want to hurt themselves (Mark 5:5; 5:13)

4) Unclean spirit, such as perversion, pornography (Mark 1:23; 3:11; 7:25; Acts 5:16; 8:7)

5) Evil spirit, this is what possesses the most dangerous of criminals such as murderers, terrorists, and serial killers.  I believe this is the advanced stage of iniquity where those who continue to walk in darkness without remorse or repentance eventually morph and degenerate into.  

Although those suffering from addiction are not necessarily evil, remember that many addicted people who refuse to overcome, end up serving long prison terms because of aggravated crimes and evil acts just to feed their addiction.  This is why addiction can manifest into pure evil!

The Demon “Spirit of Addiction”

Yes, we all inherit DNA from our parents and imperfections may come along with that genetic package/baggage.  So yes, some folks may have a genetic disposition that makes them more vulnerable to the “spirit” of addiction.  But remember that this propensity to become an addict is not from God.  It is either borne from the past sins of the fathers or a curse brought about by parents who foolishly opened portals that allowed access to evil spirits into their genetic makeup; including the “demon spirit of addiction”!  But in most cases, it is a result of poor choice>

More importantly, all addictions can be overcome as we will review shortly!

Choice is also Inherited!

While the propensity to sin is inherited through Adam and Eve, even original sin itself, was a byproduct of poor choice.  Unlike certain false religions inspired by Satan, including the coming one world religion, which require submission to their god(s) or death; Almighty God gave us all the right to CHOOSE!  Believers and non-believers alike have an “unalienable right” from the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to choose whether we want to live an afflicted life in bondage to addiction and sin, or an abundant life promised in His word:

“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly”  John 10:10

If you have any doubts about the above revelation from the Messiah, watch the evening and world news and see how the world of today (Satan’s kingdom) is swimming in iniquity, killing, mass murders and destruction.  The only abundance in this ‘kingdom of Satan” that we must endure is the abundance of darkness.  If you have eyes to see and ears to hear then you know what I am saying is the truth.

Okay, let’s get back on subject.  God gave us all choice, so although he plays a part, let’s not blame our addictions exclusively on the enemy.  We are not just hopeless and helpless little lambs, or puppets.  Addiction is always self imposed; it is a CHOICE!

You can’t find peace or enduring joy and happiness in a bottle or a needle.  These substances quickly evaporate leaving the user feeling even more empty, hopeless, unsatisfied and in need of more dope.  This is why they call these substances “dope”, and the users “junkies”

How to Overcome

Enough with the bad news!  As usual, the word of God offers a door out of addiction and all other forms of bondage and sin.  It is as easy as 1, 2, and 3

1) Separate: We must separate from the things that tempt and consume us.  Partial separation NEVER works – it must be total separation.  Some may also require professional assistance and a support base to break away from their addiction. (2 Cor. 6:17; Acts 8)

2) Regenerate – a rebirth:  We need to be Regenerated, pray for a spiritual renovation like being born again through the Holy Spirit of God (Titus 3:5; 2 Cor. 5:17).  This includes continual prayer and replacing that evil borne void, with the word of God (the scriptures of the Old and New Testament of the Holy Bible)

3) Take the Supernatural Antidote:  Continue to nurture the Holy Spirit of God in you, by developing the qualities of the spirit which includes living a life of righteousness (2 Cor. 4:10-11; Romans 14:17)

We ALL Have a Choice to Become Over-comers (Rev. 3:12)  

When we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit by accepting the Lord’s sacrifice through the blood of Jesus, the Holy Spirit enables us to overcome any addiction, and any sin in our life.  As soon as God’s spirit enters our soul; Satan’s spirit is us is neutralized – UNLESS we allow it to continue to afflict and torment us!

When one has a relationship with the Lord, the mind and body naturally rejects and loses the desire for drugs, immorality and sin. 

The best Rehab Center of all is 100% free

…and it is located deep in the heart and soul of the redeemed believer in the “Blood of the Lamb of God that “washes away” all of the addictions, pain, suffering and sins of mankind!

Make God your antidote against addictions; make Him your doctor, healer and your redeemer today.  Forget about the temporary peace that this world offers.

Today, you can enjoy the hope, joy and peace from the supernatural power of the Word of God.   Messiah Jesus is the Word of the Sovereign God of the Universe (John 1:11-14).  When you believe in His name, God’s spirit will turn all of your afflictions into just a bad dream from yesteryear.  But the time to think about it is almost over, so make your choice today!

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