Discover why September and October have historically been the most volatile months, and why 2016 may be even more chaotic 


Did we Already Forget?

Robert Rite (7/10/16): Just a couple of weeks after my June 2016 Prophecy alert expressing alarm over the Orlando terror attack, Brexit, and a very volatile first half of the year, we already witness an even more volatile first 10 days of July!

At risk of being called an alarmist” I will list just a few examples:

1) Istanbul Airport Terror attack – 6/29/16- 42 killed – 238 wounded
2) Bangladesh terror attack 7/1/16 – 20 dead
3) Baghdad terror attack 7/3/16 – approximately 300 dead!
4) Marches & more racial unrest break out due to 2 African Americans who died at the hands of police officers.
5) Dallas Texas (USA) – 12 Police officers shot and 5 heroes ended up dying in the hands of a lone gunman.

I hope you are staying alert to what is happening because we already can clearly see 2 end time warning signs that Jesus gave us manifesting in America today…

Mathew 24:10 “At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other,”

Matthew 24:12 “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold,”

Chaos is escalating just as prophesied to occur at the time of the end.
We are not even in the prophetically volatile months of September and October, as we will now explore, and we already witness a nation mired in a spirit of hatred and divisiveness! At this rate, our greatest enemy is not the terrorist; it is us!  It seems like many of our leaders and citizens are oblivious to the reality that the enemy’s # 1 tool for bringing a nation to its knees is to cultivate division, distrust, resentment and hatred.  Enough said, let’s move on to today’s topic.

The September/October Woes

I refer to September/October instead of just September because God’s appointed fall feasts which occur during the Hebrew new year (7th month in the Hebrew calendar of September), sometimes overlap or fall into the month of October, as is the case in 2016.

I believe that the 3 fall feasts, especially the “Day of Atonement” (The holiest of the seven appointed feasts of God), are what make this month especially volatile and a period of potential judgment for nations that have turned their back on God.

Please also note that the Jewish feast days are only referred to as Jewish because they were handed down to us through the Hebrews as part of God’s laws for mankind through Moses on Mount Sinai.  So these days are Holy because they are GOD’s appointed feast days.  These feasts are translated as appointed times and as an assembly whereby the Lord comes closer to (communes with) and observes His children; and He bestows blessings or judgments for the year based on their level of obedience to His statutes.

Let’s review just a few prophetic and historic events that have occurred in September/October and or Sabbath cycles over the past 100 years.  You can make your own decision as to whether it is just coincidence or divine signs!

1) September is the seventh month in the Hebrew calendar – and the number seven is most definitely set aside as holy to God.
is the number of God; denoting His perfectness.  The number 666 on the other hand is the number of the Devil – denoting total evil! 666 is the antichrist’s number because he will be totally possessed by the spirit of Satan.

2) WW II officially started in September (9/1/1939)

3) WW II ended in September (9/2/1945)
NOTE: I believe that WW II is most definitely a shadow of the coming WW III (apocalypse).  Interesting how many people living during that time believed that Hitler was the antichrist and that Mussolini was his false prophet.  They found no comfort in knowing that the Nazi currency was called “the Mark“.

4) 9/11/2001 started the never ending war on terror. It was God’s wake up call for America and the world, since it also occurred on a Shemitah year (a seven year Sabbath cycle) in addition to September!

5) The design of the World Trade Center was approved on 9/20/62; and both towers of the World Trade Center fell on 9/11/2001

6) On September, 2001 on the last day of the Shemitah cycle, the stock market fell 7%

7) In 2008 the global economy experienced a potential meltdown.  On September 29 2008, the very day of Rosh Hashanah (the first of Tishri; beginning of Jewish New Year), the Dow Jones Industrial average dropped 777 points (God’s divine number).

8) Some believe (including myself) that based on astronomical dating that Jesus Christ was born in September.

9) Some prophecy scholars believe Messiah will return on September; most likely on the High Holy feast “Day of Atonement“.  I believe this as well based on hints that are provided throughout the Book of Revelation.

10) The Comet Shoemaker-levy 9 collided with Jupiter on July, 1994; 21 comet pieces bombarded Jupiter.  In Hebrew the word Jupiter is called “righteous one“.  This was a Shemitah year (economic reset year of release or judgment) and the 9th of Av (another ancient prophetic day to be discussed in another report).

11) October, 1929 – experienced the worst stock market crash of the 20th century and triggered the great depression.

12) October, 1987 – experienced the second worst stock market crash of the 21st century.

The point here is that we need to stay vigilant because I believe that this coming September/October 2016 may be especially turbulent like the 12 examples above.  Let’s briefly review why.
Aftermath of the Blood Moon Cycles of 2014 & 2015

Some folks mocked and ridiculed the “blood moon” warnings given by several evangelists and authors.  They shrugged it off saying that nothing happened after the series of 4 blood moons that occurred during the high Holy feast days in 2014 and 2015.  I encourage these doubters to do some research on their own to see all of the things that have already transpired less than 1 year later.  If they do so, they will be equally alarmed – it will be a wake-up call. Also, they are not aware that one major sign has yet to complete its cycle, as we will now see.

The Last Jubilee – October, 2016

Let me premise by saying that neither in my book Blood Moons Risingor in this report, have I said or am I saying that the Messiah is returning on a specific day or hour; nobody knows the exact day or hour – although we are commanded to be vigilant and to know the signs of the end times (Matthew 24:44)!

That said, I believe that the 4 blood moon signs that occurred in 2014/2015 are divinely connected with the Jubilee that started on September 2015 and concludes on October, 2016; and that this is the actual warning that something BIG is about to happen.  Yes, even bigger than all the chaos that we are already witnessing every time that we tune onto the news.

Those who mocked the aforementioned blood moon signs fail to understand that the 2014/2015 Shemitah has not completed its cycle; the cycle actually concludes in October, 2016 with the completion of the 50 year Jubilee!

There is another prophecy scholar who believes, that due to calendar differences, that September, 2017 is the actual end of the Jubilee cycle.  This may be the case, so we will see.

What Occurred the Last Two Jubilee Years:

Let’s go back 100 years to review the last two Jubilee years which are quite prophetic and significant in God’s prophetic clock:

1) 1917/1918 was a Jubilee year – Near the end of World War I several empires collapsed including the Ottoman empire which ended their occupation of the Holy Land! The British captured Jerusalem and the seeds were planted for the creation of a Jewish Homeland (Balfour Declaration).

2) 1967 was a Jubilee year – Israel recaptured Jerusalem after nearly 2000 years under occupation.


The Jubilee is a year of release or judgment; a year when land must be returned to its rightful owner!  As we just read, this is exactly what has happened in the last 2 Jubilee cycles!

What will happen in the coming jubilee?

Will the seeds be planted for God’s return to recapture His land from the kingdom of Satan?

Some prophecy scholars refer to this coming Jubilee as the last “Jubilee, because it is the 120th Jubilee since the time of Adam and Eve.

120 Jubilees x 50 Jubilee cycles = 6,000 years (the period of time referred to as the age of man)

I believe that the sign that will occur on October 2016 is the culmination of all the signs that occurred in the Shemitah year 2014/2015. We will delve more into this important topic in another report.

In closing, please heed what should be obvious today; that prophetic signs are now happening at breakneck speed!  And this is another indication that we are near the end of this age.

“And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.” Matthew 24:22

Until next time, stay spiritually sober and alert.

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