Unlocking the Supernatural Power of thoughts! 


Robert Rite (12/17/16): You have heard it said that actions speak louder than words“; but I propose to you that “Thoughts speak louder than actions or words“.

So in this message let’s explore a whole other way of thinking that can unlock supernatural blessings for us.  We’ll discover how our thoughts are actually more powerful than our actions or words.

We are more than just physical beings

We are not just physical beings; we are also spirit beings.  Most of us are limited by worldly thinking, and that is natural since we occupy physical bodies in a world of limited dimensions.  People tend to operate only in the physical realm because they lack heavenly knowledge and experience with the spiritual realm.  Yet our spirit is actually constantly connected to the spirit world.

Let me premise by stating that this message has nothing to do with new age thinking or the “creative visualization” methods of the Buddhist’s or psychics.  The portals that they open and operate in are dark and extremely dangerous. Their beliefs and practices open portals to the underworld, leaving their practitioners open to all sorts of demonic influence and attacks.

How Spiritual Communication works

The Holy Spirit constantly sends verbal signals to believers.  The divinely trained mind of our spirit can hear and process these messages.  These are spiritual sounds transmitted like thermo-electric waves that can be processed by our spiritual mind.

When God searches our heart (Romans 8:27), He examines our thoughts and intentions Of course, being omnipotent, God can also hear our prayers. But He is most interested in the sincerity of our heart (our soul and spirit).  Our words are also important to God, but He knows that our true motives lie not in what we utter, but in our thoughts. Truth lies in our heart, not in our words.

Our spirit emanates light and or darkness, depending on our spiritual thoughts and our spiritual condition.  When the light of truth permeates our soul and our thinking, then we are giving God license to release the blessings and goodness that He planned for us before the foundation of the earth!

Evil spirits do not possess physical ears so unlike God they cannot hear what we say.  What they hear is our spiritual thoughts emitted from our spirit.  In the spirit world, communication is transmitted through our thoughts.  Spirits respond to what our spirit is thinking.

As we will now explore further, we cannot hide who we are in the spirit world because our spiritual light exposes our spiritual state (Mark 4:22)!

How evil thoughts manifest problems & tragedy in our life

The spirit world can see the light that emanates from our soul; either the bright light (loving and good thoughts) or darkness (sinful evil thoughts) in us; and they act accordingly.  When we are constantly engaged in evil (sinful) thinking we are giving the enemy a legal license to influence us and make us act in sinful and evil ways. Our thoughts give the enemy insight into the areas of our life that he can attack.

Evil spirits readily invade and influence the thinking of those who are leaning towards the darkness and those not protected by the light of truth.  This is why criminals that have committed heinous crimes often report that an inner voice compelled them to commit those crimes!  So it may not just be an excuse.

The enemy attacks primarily through thoughts because that is the least guarded area and also because he is after our soul and he gains access to our soul through the mind of our spirit.

How we can connect with heaven while here on earth

In Hebrews 4:16 we are encouraged to draw near to the throne of God in heaven, and we can only do that with a renewed spirit mind.

Our spirit is the force that links us to the spirit world while our SOUL is the conduit between our spirit and our brain.  We can condition our spirit to process heavenly messages. We do this by praying for it and by studying the word.  Our prayers and the word of the bible is our way to think heavenly thoughts and to strengthen our relationship with the creator.   

Prayer and meditating on the word allows us to drown out the noise of the physical world so that we can hear God’s spiritual voice. Let’s remove the veil of the physical world so that we can communicate better with our creator.

Operating in the spirit is an innate ability that we all have.  It just needs to be cultivated.  God uses ordinary men to do extraordinary things, so we do not have to be an ordained minister to see in the spirit; to experience or administer healing and miracles. Let’s explore how we can connect with heavenly kingdom power.

Our Words and our thoughts must be in complete alignment

Certainly, words have power, but only when our words are aligned with our inner thoughts So if you say “I am healed” while and your thoughts are saying “I am dying” then the power of the spoken word has been neutralized.  This is because true faith resides in our spirit – NOT in our words!

In another example, if we command an evil spirit to leave us or others, while our spirit is transmitting thoughts of fear, the demon will sense that we are afraid, and it will not leave.

When our words do not agree with our inner thoughts we will not receive an answer to our prayers.  If we tell our child that there is nothing to fear, when we are actually worried stiff – this is referred to as being “double minded” thinking, and it is a primary reason for unanswered prayers (James 1:6-8).

It is only when our words match the thought of our spirit, and we are single-minded in faith that the words gain supernatural power that can manifest into miracles such as healing.  At this point we can command evil spirits to leave, because it knows that it has lost its license to afflict or torment our spirit – and it must leave!

In closing, recognize that we all have the same capacity to activate our spiritual mind.  The only reason some can readily do this while others can’t is due to practice; the spiritually endowed worked at developing and honing their spiritual gifts. They embraced Jesus promise that we can do even greater works than Him (John 14:12).

Let us guard our thoughts so that the mind in our spirit can advance us towards the light, allowing us to receive the abundant life (John 10:10) promised to us by our creator.  With a renewed mind, we can enjoy heaven on earth, and the associated blessings thereof, and we can fully exercise the power and authority promised to us by Yeshua Jesus Christ (Luke 10:19),

When we are fully engaged with the sovereign God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ – we become ambassadors of God, and are fully empowered to release kingdom power to humanity, so that we and those we love can experience a little bit of heaven here on earth.

“Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy,
and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”
Luke 10:19

Your fellow servant signs out.

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