What is the biggest threat to America posed by North Korea and other Rogue nations?         

North Korrea

North Korrea

Robert Rite (4/22/17) – In this message we will explore a few verses that may indicate that North Korea and China plays a role in the end time wars.  North Korea is the king of the “Saber rattlers”, but her cockiness is because she feels secure next to her big brother China.  Notwithstanding, given the size of her military and her frenzied rush to become a nuclear power, coupled with her hatred for America, she should not be taken for granted – not even by America; “the Hammer of the Whole Earth” Jeremiah 50:23; who BTW, recently dropped 59 or so hammers on Syria.

The North Korean Military Threat

Technically the United States and South Korea are still at war with North Korea. Yes, The Korean War has been going on for 70 long years. This is why North and South Korean troops are still stationed within feet of each other at their respective borders.  This makes it the longest war in American history.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced recently that North Korea may have the capability to deliver missiles equipped with nerve gas. In an address to Japanese parliament’s diplomacy and defense committee, the prime minister said, “The security situation around our country is getting increasingly severe. We have just talked about Syria. There is a possibility that North Korea already has a capability to put sarin on warheads to strike the ground.

Some statistics on North Korea’s Military

– They have 2,500 to 5,000 tons of chemical weapons.
– They boast the biggest military per capita in the world. They have a massive military of approximately 1.19 million troops and up to 5 million trained reservists
– They have approximately 72 submarines – as many as America has.  This could pose a threat to the US coast if they have equipped these submarines with Missile launching capability.
– They also have EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) technology
– They have advanced cyber warfare capability
– They have 4100 tanks, 6500 artillery guns, 2500 rocket launchers, and over 1000 aircraft
– They have approximately 20 nuclear weapons
– They have very sophisticated special forces army units
– They have conducted 8 nuclear tests since October 2006
– Supposedly, they have a missile with a 7000 mile range that can hit the West Coast of America.

Experts believe that within five years, North Korea may be able to hit US territory with a nuclear weapon. And they think it can probably already hit Japan, South Korea, and US troops stationed in S. Korea with a nuke right now.

Note:  despite all of these alarming statistics their biggest threat is not to the USA but to South Korea.  Also its overall combat readiness; specifically when it comes to logistics and equipment availability / readiness are questionable.

Fear Thy neighbor

North Korea is not that great a threat to America as we can easily neutralize her on a one on one basis.  The much greater threat is that Korea is strongly backed by China, and to a lesser extent Russia. Do not believe the rhetoric that China’s support of Korea is waning. China has never done anything to stop North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, and has consistently vetoed sanctions against her.

China has recently put its bombers on high alert – but it is hardly to put Korea in her place, but more likely to defend her should the situation escalate.  After all they are both communist countries, that share common objectives and a border.  China also has a treaty with North Korea; like America has with the NATO countries. 

We also see that as a US Naval strike force approaches North Korea, Russian and Chinese ships are trailing our carrier strike group, and Again, this is not to cheer us on!

The Biggest Threat to America Posed By North Korea

Without question, the greatest risk this rogue nation poses is a preemptive EMP or Chemical attack on America.  Nuclear is a remote possibility at this moment, but it increases with every successful test launch.

North Korea’s recent suspected test of a hydrogen bomb combined with its repeated missile tests, has renewed EMP fears among military experts who have been concerned about this threat for many years.

Says Henry (Hank) Cooper, a director at the think tank Foundation for Resilient Societies and a former arms control official under Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush: “The technology of building a super EMP weapon is understood and at least by circumstantial evidence…the North Koreans know how to do it,” 

China and North Korea in Bible Prophecy

The Koreans are Asians and occupy land that they call “the land of the sunrise”. I believe that they are part of the “king of the East” group of nations that the Book of Revelation reveals as playing a major role in the end time wars (see Revelation 16:12; Dan. 11:44). I believe that in addition to China the King of the East includes North Korea among other possible Asian nations; and note that North Korea is the most eastern of the Asian nations.

North Korea already plays a part in end time prophecy as she along with Iran are fulfilling the “wars and rumors of war” prophecy (read Matt 24:6).  North Korea and Iran and other rogue nations are constantly threatening war against America, and some of its allies. 

Could China and Russia be using and propping up North Korea to become the “Mercenary” nation to do their evil bidding in these last days?  I believe this is a possibility. After all, superpowers setup and plan these military alliances and operations covertly all of the time.  The great concern however, is that if this indeed is the case, then what is the “bidding” that North Korea will do.  Unfortunately we will not know until it happens, and by then it may just be too late.  The bible prophecies do tell us what will happen at the time of the end, to America and most of the nations of the earth, and it does NOT bode well as we will now briefly cover.

Will America Escape all the Threats from these Rogue Nations?

The prophecies in the book of Daniel reveal that during the apocalypse (I believe in the first half of the seven year tribulation period); there will be three groups of nations engaged in WW3.  The book of Daniel refers to them as:
– The King of the East (comprised of Asian nations)
– The King of the North (Russia and a consortium of nations)
– The King of the South
(Middle Eastern Nations)

Did you notice something here?

Nowhere in the bible is “the King of the West” mentioned as a major player during the apocalypse.

Where is the King of the West during the Apocalypse?

This is unsettling! I believe the King of the west is missing in the end time prophecies because something is going to happen to the Western Hemisphere (North America et al)!

What could be the reason for the Absence of a King of the West?

Most nations and people recognize the obvious, that America is still the most Powerful, Influential and wealthy nation on earth. So there should be no doubt to anyone that the king of the west if she were mentioned in the end time prophecies would be America. So why is she not listed in the apocalypse wars…

1) It could be an economic, systemic or social collapse in America (which I doubt, unless it is directly related to some kind of apocalyptic natural disaster, calamity, or event)

2) A surprise EMP attack as many think North Korea and others may be planning

3) A Nuclear exchange – with all the saber rattling between Russia and the USA of late, this has become an increasing possibility.  The Book of Revelation also supports this scenario (read Revelation chapters 8, 9, and 18)

4) An Asteroid impact – this scenario is also supported by scriptures (read Rev. 8:7-10)

The King of the West is Babylon the Great!

Ancient prophecies make it clear that just before the BEAST KINGDOM (under antichrist’s rule) takes over and reigns over all the nations of the earth, a consortium of nations destroy the then most influential, powerful and wealthy nation on earth referred to as Babylon the Great and Mystery Babylon! I believe this prophecy about” mystery Babylon” being the “Most Powerful, influential and Wealthy nation on earth is America as no nation fits the description of the hammer of the whole earth”, better than America still does.  Let’s read….

Oh how the hammer of the whole earth has been cut apart and broken! How Babylon has become a desolation among the nations!”  Jeremiah 50:23  

The bible prophecies are also clear that the last kingdom of this age, the coming Ten nation Beast kingdom that is controlled by the Antichrist and false prophet will form just before or soon after Babylon the Great (the King of the West) is taken out of the picture by the beast kingdom (Rev. 17:16)!  This would explain why the King of the West is not mentioned as one of the nations involved in WW3 or Armageddon, and why she no longer reigns over the kings of the earth (including the King of the East, North and South) as she does in Rev. 17:18.  She is taken out (Rev. Ch 18) before the Beast Kingdom takes control of the whole earth (Rev. 13)!

Since the Great city that currently reigns over all the kings of the earth is still America, then America must be the King of the West and Babylon the Great! All of the end time prophecies clearly point to this as the most likely scenario including: Jeremiah Ch. 50, Jer. 51; Rev. 13, Re. 17; Rev. 18.  Don’t be misled by the many theories out there that Rome, Mecca or Vatican is “that great city that reigns over the kings of the earth because they do not reign over anything in these last days, and for the most part they still depend on America and other nations or alliances for their protection.  This will probably continue until the Beast Kingdom takes over.  Only then could Rome, Mecca, Vatican and others become part of the end time BEAST KINGDOM; but again, not until Babylon the Great is taken out of the picture.  The ten nations that comprise the coming Beast Kingdom still remains a mystery – and it will until the last 3.5 years of this age!

My beloved, I know many do not want to believe or accept this, but if the One World Government is to be formed by the coming last kingdom of this age referred to as the “Beast Kingdom” under the control of antichrist and the false prophet, then the current most powerful nation on earth (clearly America – Israel’s chief defender), will have to be taken out before the beast kingdom can invade the Holy Land and take over the reins of all the nations on earth.

Based on all the aforementioned and where the world stands today, America persists as the Woman of Revelation 17 & 18 and clearly fits the following description…

“And the woman whom you saw is that great city which reigns over the kings of the earth.”  Rev. 17:18

Friends, time is fleeting in these last days.  The Day of the Lord’s anger is fast approaching.  The time to doubt the word and the Lord is over. As you can see, the pieces of the prophetic puzzle are all coming together.

I trust that these prophecy updates are making us all more sensitive to the urgency at hand.  There is so much more I wish I could share with you today on all of these revelations, but space just does not permit it.  The good news however is that I already have written it for you via another medium.  You can check out related topics in my books:
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