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9 Reasons why so Many will take the Mark of the Beast (antiChrist)

Why the Mark will be MUCH more than just a global ID card, tattoo, or implant Robert Rite (6/24/17) – Ancient prophecies make it clear that the mark of the beast has to be much more evil and sinister than just… Continue Reading →

President Trump visits the Middle East & God’s Prophetic Time Clock – Israel

Will President Trump slow down or speed up End Time Prophecy fulfillment? Why 2017 may be a very significant year in biblical Prophecy  Robert Rite (5/19/2017) – With the President of the United States (POTUS) visiting Saudi Arabia, and Israel… Continue Reading →

Prophecy Alert – Why it is NOT a Good Idea to Meddle in Israel’s Affairs (Update)

What MAJOR event just happened & what God reveals will happen with ALL Nations that Mess with Israel and His Holy Land    Robert Rite (Prophecy Alert Update – 12/28/2016)  The United States of America for the first time has failed… Continue Reading →

Apocalypse Codes – Unlocking the Exodus Code

Robert Rite (01/25/2015): Many people are not aware that the ancient scriptures unveil many of the prophecies of the end of days. Bible codes (also referred to as the Torah codes) are defined as a set of encrypted messages or… Continue Reading →

10 Bible Prophecies That Have All Come to Pass

When we study the ancient prophecies with a clear and open mind, we can reach only one conclusion; the bible and its writer’s were truly inspired by a higher authority. It is difficult if not impossible for all of the… Continue Reading →

Hidden End Time Prophecy Codes in the Parables of Jesus

Robert Rite (7/13/15): Parables in the gospels are stories which contain divine truths. Christ taught in parables. Parables are hidden messages for those who belong to God. The believers understand the parables – but they are confounding to the lost… Continue Reading →

Terrorism – is it Prophesied in the Bible?

Robert Rite (5/01/16) – What a shame that most people forsake or ignore the divine prophecies of the bible, while embracing the prophecies of Casey, Nostradamus and other men.  The former have all come to pass while the latter have been… Continue Reading →

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