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Does the Bible and Science Warn of an “Asteroid Impact” on Planet Earth?

Do end time Prophecies reveal that a 1 Kilometer sized Asteroid may collide with Earth? Robert Rite (7/1/17 – Updated): There is a celestial dance in the heavens that includes asteroids and meteors, and the dance is very beautiful –… Continue Reading →

The Roots of Globalization and the push towards a Global Government

New World Order or “OLD World Order”? The Ancient Roots of Globalization In modern times, the push for nations to unite accelerated after WW I and WW II.  After the world wars several global organizations evolved such as the United… Continue Reading →

They Cry “Peace, Peace but there is no Peace”

Why  World Peace is Declining Exponentially, and the Secret for Enduring Peace in a Progressively Chaotic World “I form the light and create darkness, I make peace and create calamity; I, the Lord, do all these things.”  Isaiah 45:7 Robert Rite (7/31/2016) –  As usual,… Continue Reading →

The Two Most Prophetic Events of the Past 100 Years

Discover How these 2 Fulfilled Prophecies Signal that we are the Last Generation that will Experience the Apocalypse Most Prophecy scholars agree that the following two major prophetic events are the most significant End Time events in modern times. Israel… Continue Reading →

Prophecy Alert – July 2016: What in the World is Going on?

Are all these Recent Atrocities Signs of the End Times? 17 Final End Time Events to watch out for, and 4 Major Past Events that Reveal that We are the Last Generation Robert Rite (July 15, 2016): Just 3 weeks… Continue Reading →

9/11, Ground Zero, and the Apocalypse Connection! by Robert Rite

There are no coincidences when it comes to the prophecies of God!  As we will discover, the attack on New York City and America on 9/11 is a picture of the fall of Babylon the Great of Revelation 18. Now… Continue Reading →

The True Version of the End of Days

Is there a “Non-Fiction” version to the end times also referred to as the apocalypse? There are many people out there that think the end of days is just science fiction. There are many movies, novels and games out there… Continue Reading →

Hidden End Time Prophecy Codes in the Parables of Jesus

Robert Rite (7/13/15): Parables in the gospels are stories which contain divine truths. Christ taught in parables. Parables are hidden messages for those who belong to God. The believers understand the parables – but they are confounding to the lost… Continue Reading →

666 – Decoding the Mystery of the Antichrist

Robert Rite (10/20/2015): Let’s begin and set the stage by explaining some of the terms associated with 666. The number 666 is assigned to a man who will rule the world at the time of the end. He is referred… Continue Reading →

Terrorism – is it Prophesied in the Bible?

Robert Rite (5/01/16) – What a shame that most people forsake or ignore the divine prophecies of the bible, while embracing the prophecies of Casey, Nostradamus and other men.  The former have all come to pass while the latter have been… Continue Reading →

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