New World Order or “OLD World Order”?


The Ancient Roots of Globalization

In modern times, the push for nations to unite accelerated after WW I and WW II.  After the world wars several global organizations evolved such as the United Nations, NATO, Club of Rome, G7, EU.  Although their original objectives were noble (for global peace), we should know by now that in this age of man under the control of the prince of darkness, peace initiatives are short lived and global entities eventually mutate into corrupted organizations For example “peace” after WW II lasted a whopping 2 years – with the start of the cold war in 1947 followed by the Korean War in 1950.  Today, while mired in a war on terror, we are at the cusps of World War III and most are oblivious to this threat.

 But the roots of globalization go much further back in time.

This global initiative has roots that go back to the time of Nimrod in Genesis 11:1-8 Nimrod and the people of Shinar disobeyed God’s commandment to scatter and populate the earth (Genesis 9:1).  Instead they rebelled and built the Tower of Babel.  They decided to centralize their power in one place in defiance of God and His mandate and make it one great city.  But God had other plans for them.   

Just like God will do with the coming global government, God had to directly intervene, because a world that thinks it can unite without God’s hedge of protection against the enemy of mankind, will eventually fall prey to the prince of this world. I believe that Babel was a picture of “Babylon the Great” of the end days (Rev. 17, 18), which is a global leader that also harbors a global agenda.  She should heed the warnings in the Nimrod account, because history REPEATS!

You see, without God and without the “full armor of Godmankind is no match to the cunning of the prince of darkness, the temporary god of this age (2 Corinthians 4:4), and his demonic forces and principalities.  The Germans under NAZI rule, put their trust in the wrong man, and Satan sifted Hitler and his evil regime like wheat leading to 60 million deaths, and the ultimate destruction of Germany itself. Again, remember these words: History repeats!  Also remember that anything done outside of God is at risk of being destroyed by the enemy.

This is why Jesus warned his apostle:  “Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat, But I have prayed for you, Simon, that your faith may not fail. And when you have turned back, strengthen your brothers.” Luke 22:31-32

Ancient history shows that every time nations attempt to become global empires its leaders eventually become corrupted, wicked and ungodly; ultimately leading to the empires collapse.

Why Satan Wants a One World Government

We must keep in mind that Satan’s primary objective is to centralize his power by creating a one world government, and fully possessing its leader to do his evil.
Although he may not even know that he is fully possessed by Satan, this end time leader will be fully equipped with Satan’s spirit of hatred, evil, and with an insatiable lust for glory, power, and blood.  Therefore he will find great pleasure in handing over the kingdoms of the world to Satan (God will allow this for a short space of time).

So the global government under antichrist, will devise an evil plan.  Let me propose the following scenario:

Possible steps Leading to the end time Global Government:

The following are based on biblical prophecies that I have studied over many years and applied to current and evolving events:

1) The prophecies indicate that there will be some kind of global calamity (i.e. Asteroid impact or Nuclear attack, etc.) that will cause political, economic and social chaos.  As a result there may be an outcry for the world to unite (probably inspired or manufactured by the global elite and its media).  The global elite will pounce on this opportunity for a global power grab.

2) Through the initiatives of world leaders, secret societies and global elites (under Satan’s influence of course), the new world order will suddenly mutate into the beast kingdom (end time global government), consisting of the final 10 nation confederacy (Rev. 17:12). 

3) One or more nations will be destroyed in order for the beast kingdom to attain global power and control (Rev. 18).  This apocalyptic event will lead to massive losses of life (we are talking billions here – read Rev. 6:8).  As a result of these atrocities and calamities, the world will immediately spiral into a global depression; that will destroy the global economy and infrastructure, and massive global famine will follow (Rev. 6:5-8).  Of course the beast kingdom will use each calamity to tighten its clutches on a humanity that desperately seeks a solution from man (not God).

4) At this point the leader of the beast kingdom (antichrist) will attain supreme power (Rev. 13:5-7).  Being that the real power that he seeks is religious in nature (like Satan his father), he may use “religious intolerance” and some other manufactured lies as an excuse for a universal religion.  So the antichrist will appoint a false prophet who will establish a global religion.  I believe that at first, this global religion will comprise many religions and many ways to God (as is already being promulgated), so as to deceive the masses into universal acceptance.   

The false prophet will deceive most people into thinking that Jesus has already arrived and eventually that the antichrist is god, and that the true Messiah is the antichrist, and all who are not written in the Book of Life will believe the lie!

Isaiah 5:20:
“Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness.”

Mankind will be spellbound by this global leader’s charisma, oratory mastery, and power.  They will be so blinded by his charm that they will eventually worship him as god (Rev. 13:4; 8; Is. 5:20). 

5) But those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life will refuse to worship the beast and take his mark, and many will be martyred as a result (Rev. 7-8).  These are the tribulation saints, the over-comers who will reign with Messiah during the Millennium (Rev. 20:4)

6)  Just like all evil dictatorships, as it gains absolute power, the beast kingdom gradually mutates from a government that garners trust and support through its many social programs, into an empire that commands submission at the peril of death (Rev. 13:12-18).   Just like Adolf Hitler, by the end of days antichrist will betray and reject even those who took his mark and sold their soul to Satan. To him they were mere wood for the lake of fire.
Do not be deceived into thinking that the leader of the coming beast empire will have any loyalty for those who take the mark.  His promises and lies were just to deceive as many as possible in accordance with Satan’s plan to destroy all mankind – since we are ALL children of God, and he hates God.  Satan is an equal opportunity hater of all humanity. Sadly, many will be seduced by this man’s charisma, charm and lies, and be led strait to the lake of fire (Rev.14:9-11; 20:15).

So the true nature of the beast is finally revealed when it becomes clear that the final beast kingdom – is the culmination of Satan’s final kingdom on earth.  But by then it will be too late for those   This is why the beast kingdom will most assuredly be religion based, and why it will require everyone to worship the antichrist or face imprisonment, starvation, execution or all of the above (Rev. 13:16-17 ).

I believe that sometime during the apocalypse, the beast kingdom will succeed in somehow convincing the masses that certain groups of people (primarily Christians and Jews – like Hitler did to the later group) are responsible for the world’s woes labeling them as “intolerant”, and hateful.  They will ban the bible as an evil book of intolerance for extremists.  And like happened in Nazi Germany, many will turn a blind eye as they watch or hear of these atrocities committed against God’s elect.  In fact, many will celebrate these persecutions.  Revelation. 11:10  demonstrates how demonically possessed most in the world will become at the time of the end, when they rejoice over the death of two prophets who they accused of “TORMENTING” their soulFolks, this is what the demons told Jesus Christ in Mark 5:7 when he was casting them out of a possessed man!
I believe those who take the mark of the beast will immediately sell their soul to Satan, and this is why  it will be IMPOSSIBLE for them to repent and be saved – not that they would want that anyway.

I know this is unsettling for many, and it should be because we all love the planet and the people that God graced us with.  But the prophecies are the future, and the future is now.  Every day we see the world succinctly marching in this direction, as if guided by a supernatural force – and it is!. 

Satan’s Final Stand

But at last – some GREAT news!

Satan desperately seeks to mimic God, because he lusts for God’s Sovereignty, Power and Glory.  Being privy to celestial knowledge that he attained as Lucifer, the devil knows that he has no chance of defeating God unless he can somehow take over the world, possess every soul, destroy all of God’s elect, and then destroy all creation on earth.  But once again, God has other plans!

The last man standing is not going to be Satan, Antichrist, nor the false prophet.  It will be the King of Kings and Lord of Lords – Messiah Jesus standing on Mount Zion!

The kingdoms of this age will melt at the presence of the glory of God, and the beast kingdom will melt away before the Kingdom that will “Stand forever”….

“The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: “The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of His Messiah, and He will reign forever and ever.” Rev. 11:15

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