end of days (1)Is there a “Non-Fiction” version to the end times also referred to as the apocalypse?

There are many people out there that think the end of days is just science fiction. There are many movies, novels and games out there based on the end of day theme. But the end times that I am writing about here is not a movie, novel or game; it is the reality of a situation that may soon preoccupy the mind of every living soul in this planet!

Why do so many Doubt End Time prophecies?

Many people do not believe the prophecies of the end times because they have witnessed so many false predictions, and have heard so many false prophets try to predict an exact date for doomsday.

There have been many false prophets, and by the way many of them were not even Christians, who have predicted the end of days based on false signs. Here are just a few examples:

– The Y2K scare

– The 2012 Mayan Calendar End of Days Myth

Even some very noble men have made failed predictions:

– Christopher Columbus believed that the world would end in 1656.

– Martin Luther believed the world would end by 1800.

The list of failed predictions seems endless. It is like the “man that cried wolf” once too many times so that when he was finally correct nobody listened.

Another reason why many do not believe in an end of days scenario is because every generation since time immemorial has experienced or witnessed some form of calamity or tribulation.

Throughout this age, man has experienced “periodic” times when it seemed that the world was about to end, such as the great depression years which were followed by WW II and the holocaust.

Our generation may not be aware of this, but in the 1940’s many people believed that Hitler was the antichrist, and Mussolini was the false prophet; and that the swastika was the mark of the beast! I strongly believe that this was an example that God gave to mankind to remember so that when the man of perdition (referred to as the antichrist by Christians and bible scholars), finally arrives on the scene we will remember how such a charismatic personality like Hitler was able to deceive his nation and conceal from the world his sinister intentions. At the time of the end, a similar charismatic leader may deploy the same tactics to implement his sinister plan – but this time at a global scale. Whereas Hitler was able to deceive his people, the coming man of perdition will be able to deceive the world.

The enemy (Satan) has also deluded many into thinking that all is okay here on planet earth; not realizing that all is NOT okay and those that think it is – have been desensitized by the media, their government, and society as a whole. The standards of justice and righteousness set by God are not the same as those set by man, governments or courts.

There are however, some clear signs to look out for that can offer clues as to whether we are close to the end times.

So what should we look out for?

What the ancient scriptures and prophecies reveal is that as we approach the time of the end, the frequency and intensity of tribulations and chaos throughout the world will increase exponentially – just like our generation is experiencing today.

With increasing rates of violence, iniquity and disasters over the past quarter century it is clear that the creator is trying to get our attention. But man has become used to these things over the past 6,000 years. The key word here however is increasing; all of these signs seem to be increasing exponentially – and this is what makes these signs indicative that we are indeed rapidly approaching the end of days.

So are we Living at the Time of the End?

Let me premise by saying that most of the important end time prophecies signaling that we are at the time of the end have already come to pass; save those which will come to pass during the apocalypse.

Two major prophecies had to be fulfilled in order for the end time clock to start; and both have already come to pass.

The first major prophetic fulfillment occurred in 1948. Most prophecy scholars believe that the rebirth of Israel in 1948 started the end time clock for mankind. This is the first of 2 major end time fulfilled prophecies for the 20th and 21st century.

The second major prophetic event occurred in 1967 when Israel re-captured Jerusalem. This event fulfilled many other ancient prophecies that were required to take place before the end time clock could resume.

You see, many ancient prophecies foretold that the Jews would have to be back in their land (Israel) before the end time clock could begin. The reason for this is that all of the end time prophecies foretold that Israel would have to be back in her land because she will be invaded at the end time Battle of Armageddon (Rev. 16:14-21). The point here is that everything is in place for the time of the end to commence within the span of our generation.

But isn’t it true that we cannot know the Day or Hour?

The justification that some use to not want to understand the prophecies is that “no one knows the day or hour”! It is true that nobody knows the day or hour as revealed in Matthew 24:36, but we are also instructed in Matthew 24:42 to be watchful and alert for these end time signs. Sp obviously we can know the signs of the times leading to the end of this age.

In fact the scriptures command us to stay alert for these end time signs! God provides many end time prophecies throughout the scriptures so that we can know when the time of the end draws near. This makes it very clear that God wants all of us to heed the prophecies for the end of days. Hosea 4:6 makes it clear that God does not want us to be caught off-guard.

God provided us with many end time clues and prophecies so that we won’t be misled by the false claims of peace by the elite and the claims that the end of days is way out in the future or that it will never materialize. That is exactly what the evil one (the devil) wants you to believe. When this age starts to unravel – it will happen so quickly as to leave all of the uninitiated totally unprepared.

So we must stay alert because when that period of tribulation begins, it will catch most people by surprise – it will come upon us very quickly. Just like an earthquake comes upon us with no notice, the Lord warns us that He will come like a thief in the night and also that He will hasten it in its time. This is revealed in the following bible passages – Rev. 16:15; Mark 13:20.

We Already have many End time Signs

There are many current events that are shouting that the time of the end as prophesied by the ancients is near. As already noted, the signs have been occurring for thousands of years, but not at the rate that has been going on since the dawn of man.

So let’s review just one example of this alarming escalation rate:

– From 1900 to 1969: there have been 28 Mass shootings in America

– From 1970 to 2013: there have been 129 Mass shootings in America.

This is only one alarming statistic, there are many more such as an exponential increase over the last 50 years of major earthquakes that measure over 8.0 in the Richter scale.

I encourage you to do your own research and not just trust what I am writing. I am confident that you will also conclude that the rate of violence, iniquity, murder, earthquakes and related end time signs have escalated exponentially over the last 25 years or so.

What will the final Battles of this Age be about?

According to the ancient scriptures, some type of event or calamity will occur in the near future that will bring mankind to its knees. People will rush to seek truth and protection from the supernatural judgments that will be unfolding. Sadly, they will seek truth from man – fallen man.

I understand that in these days many people are so busy that they have no time to care about the signs of the end times.

The Bible is the only religious book in existence that provides specific detailed description of the end of days and the hereafter. No other book that I am aware of describes what paradise will be like; even providing detailed measurements of the coming Holy city. It is also the only book in existence today or ever whose prophecies have so far all come to pass.

One would think that if the God of the Bible was not Almighty God that His word would not have survived the thousands of years that the Holy book has – despite many attempts to destroy it.

Yet the bible has clearly withstood the test of time – and still remains the best seller of all time even despite the fallen world that persists today!

The “end of days” theme seems to span the entire bible from beginning to end; this is how important this brief period of time is to our maker. According to Daniel 12:1-4 the end of days will be an unprecedented time of trouble which occurs during a period when mankind has made enormous strides in technological advances – just like today (you can read this in Daniel 12:4).

Understand that conditions could erode over a significant period of time before the time of the end. However, the scriptures reveal that once the great tribulation/apocalypse begins, this age will end within the space of seven years.

Now that you have a good foundation on the “what” and the “why” of the non-fiction version of the end of days, I trust that you will appreciate how what seems fictional at times may not be as far-fetched as one may think.

This article is an excerpt from Robert Rite’s recent release: “End of Days” 

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