Why Events in Syria today are fulfilling
2 Major End Time Prophecies that trigger Armageddon

Syria and Armageddon

Syria and Armageddon

Robert Rite 4/1/17: When we read the buzz in the social channels it becomes clear that America is so obsessed with its Politics today that many of its inhabitants are oblivious to key end time signals that are happening right now in diverse parts of the world.  At a time when we have never been closest to the fulfillment of the apocalypse prophecies, it appears that most folks are disinterested in or have no clue of the Word of God, particularly the end time prophecies found in the scriptures.

So while America and many other nations are being entertained by our endless political sideshow, the Middle East is giving clear signs that we are closing in on a major end time prophecy.  If people are waiting for the UN or other worldly body to sound the doomsday alarm – forget it!  They, like most deluded entities, are too preoccupied figuring out ways to blame Israel for all the woes in the Middle East in hopes that the real sinister agenda can be carried out behind the scene.

In the ancient prophecies of Ezekiel 38, it is foretold that at the time of the end just before the start of the apocalypse, one of the key warning signs would be exactly what is happening in Syria today.  Let’s explore that now.

Is the Isaiah 17 End Time Prophecy Being Fulfilled Today?

In Isaiah 17:1, we are warned to keep an eye on Damascus (Syria), which will be a ruinous heap just before the Ezekiel 38 war. In this message let’s review some of these serious warning signs.

It is believed that Damascus is the oldest, if not one of the oldest inhabited cities.  It is mentioned in many places throughout the Old Testament of the bible.  The most quoted being Isaiah 17:1 which reads as follows: “Behold, Damascus will cease from being a city, and it will be a ruinous heap.”

This is clearly an end time prophecy because Damascus has, to date, always been inhabited and has never been destroyed. For those who claim or want to believe that Damascus was destroyed in the 8th or 9th century, they have not comprehended Is. 17:1 which states that Damascus would cease from being a city”.  Damascus has never ceased from being a city; it is still a city, at least as of this writing! 

The destruction of Damascus need not necessarily be caused by a nuclear or chemical event as some believe.  Damascus could be destroyed by the infighting and battles raging right now throughout Syria. In fact, did you know that so far in the existing Syrian war, many parts of Damascus are already a “ruinous heap”! 

At best, I would say that Damascus is already 35% destroyed since 35% of this capital city is without electricity. Other statistics include:

– At least 3 million buildings have been damaged
– At least 1.2 million homes have been destroyed
– at least 9,000 industrial facilities are completely destroyed
– 36% of hospitals are destroyed

If Damascus, the capital of Syria is already partially destroyed, imagine how bad the rest of Syria is faring. Satellite photos indicate that 83% of Syria is struggling to keep its lights on. 10.9 million citizens have been displaced, and approximately 210,000 have been killed since the start of the war in Syria.

So Watch Syria and Damascus!

Is the Ezekiel 38 End Time Prophecy being fulfilled today?

Syria is not mentioned as part of the invasion force that attacks Israel in Ezekiel 38, perhaps because it is destroyed by then.  But the area of Syria is still prophetically important. Why? Let me answer with a question. What does America, Russia, Turkey, Iran, the Kurds, Isis, Hezbollah (among others) all have in common?

They are all fighting in Syria today! 

But even more important than the fighting, is Syria’s strategic location.  In Ezekiel 38, we are alerted to an invasion against Israel that occurs just before the Lords return; and the most formidable of the nations that comprise this invasion force are already assembled in Syria, within just miles of Israel’s northern border.  And they are allied – fighting together in their support of Assad and the Syrian forces

In Ezekiel 38:2-6, Russia (Gog, Magog, Rosh),Turkey (Meshech, & Tubal)
and Iran (Persia)
are listed among the nations that invade Israel to trigger the end of days (WW3 – Armageddon – Apocalypse, or whatever you prefer to call it).

So one must wonder if the mess in Syria is just a coincidence, or could it all be a Rouse or smokescreen that allows the Ez. 38 invasion force to assemble within miles of Israel’s border.  Russia, Iran, and Turkey, the most formidable of the Ez. 38 invasion force are already just miles from Israel’s northern border!

The Russian Bear has Awoken

Due to American failed foreign policy in the area, Russia seems to have taken advantage of this by quickly establishing a stronghold in the Middle East and she appears to be calling the shots in much of that area; most noticeably in Syria, and the northern Mid East sector. Russia has established a strategic base in Syria, with its sole Aircraft carrier situated off the Syrian coast. Russia has armed its allied forces in Syria with anti-aircraft and other weapons that have already been used against Israel.

The Writing is on the Wall

My friends, we are at the cusps of the Apocalypse and nobody seems to care.  Nobody in the mainstream media, not even most Christian churches are sounding the alarm!

I believe that we are in the last hour of human history, because there seems to be an unstoppable momentum towards Armageddon; as if the fast forward button was pushed by some divine mandate.  Look at how fast Russia moved into Syria and allied itself with Persia (Iran). Both are now in Syria; within miles from Israel and the world is yawning; while the west is asleep.

Do not be like the spiritually blind and deaf. The people of today are too focused on the things of the world (Satan’s kingdom), and not the Word of God (God’s Kingdom)!  They worry so much about the pollution in the air – yet have little concern about the pollution in their heart!

“The unbelievers have become spiritually disabled, their spiritual eyes and ears are shut closed, and their world is infected by a satanic delusion from the prince of this world!  They have turned their backs on their Creator, they mock His Son, His Word and have rejected His precepts. Because most have forsaken and rejected the LORD of HOSTS, the LORD of HOSTS has therefore decreed the following curse on this generation – the generation of His wrath”….

“Cut off your hair and cast it away, and take up a lamentation on the desolate heights;
for the Lord has rejected and forsaken the generation of His wrath.’  
Jeremiah 7:29

My friends, you are NOT going to get any prophetic end time updates or truths from establishment media sources – for they serve a different god – the father of “lies”!  As the “prince of the power of the air“, it stands to reason that one of the enemies primary tools that he uses to deceive the masses in these last days is the airwaves; the media. What quicker method is there?  And he is already doing a masterful job at it these days – as you and I need to practically fact check everything, from both sides of the spectrum, that is spewed out of the airwaves!

So as a watchman on the wall, I will endeavor to keep you informed.  That is my mission, to keep those who appreciate the truth of the Word current on the rapidly unfolding end time events of these last days.
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