Have the Four Angels of the Euphrates River been loosened?

Why the Great Euphrates is the Road that leads to Armageddon 

Robert Rite 5/7/2017
– In this message we will explore key end time prophecies and manifestations emanating from the Euphrates River area and how these end-time tribulation period events may already be unfolding. 

Euphrates River Area

Euphrates River Area

Brief History on the Euphrates and the Surrounding Area

The Euphrates River provides essential water to Turkey, Syria and Iraq.  The area surrounding the Euphrates River is referred as the cradle of civilization in that this is the area believed to be where God placed the Garden of Eden.  The Euphrates is one of the rivers that watered the vegetation at the Garden of Eden (read Gen. 2:14). 

This river is referred to as the Great Euphrates (Gen. 15:18).  This is not because it is a greater river than say the Amazon or Nile, the Nile being the longest river in the world, but because its location holds “great” prophetic significance in bible history and for these end times.

The land promised to Abraham’s descendants (Israel) would have extended to the banks of the Euphrates, had they not rebelled against the Lord, and thus compromised their inheritance.  However, since God always keeps His part of the deal – the coming New Jerusalem at the end of this age, being 1,500 miles squared will extend beyond the Euphrates (read Rev. 21:16)!

It is starting to look more and more likely that the spark that triggers WW3, Armageddon and all related end time wars will emanate from the Euphrates River area, exactly as the bible foretold thousands of years ago

As it was in the beginning so will it be in the end (read Luke 17:26).  As the Garden of Eden ended at the banks of the Euphrates, the end of this age will be triggered by events and supernatural manifestation emanating from that same area.  Let’s explore this further.

Have the four angels bound at the Euphrates already been released

I believe the answer is YES! Let’s explore why I make such a provocative statement.

God’s angels are God’s messengers and ministering spirits to us who are the heirs of salvation.  But Satan’s fallen angels are messengers of evil thoughts and deeds, hatred and lies that provoke man and nations to execute the devils evil schemes of global hate, and genocide.  And of course the enemy uses mankind, the media, the nations and its kings to propagate the lies and hatred that leads to global wars.

The four fallen angels loosened from the Euphrates River area at the time of the end are powerful warring spirits – angels of death.  When they are loosed the Bible says that they will be responsible for influencing the nations to engage in the end time wars (WW3, Gog/Magog, Armageddon). These are spirits of war & conflict that spring out of the Euphrates River nations and spread throughout the globe. 

The Euphrates River is a 100% Islamic river, in that it runs through Muslim countries.  I believe that ISIS and the wars raging today in IRAQ and Syria have been stirred up by the spirit of the 4 loosed fallen angels of the Euphrates; warring angels which release the spirit of war emanating from the Euphrates river. 

It is wishful thinking for those who believe that the current Middle East turmoil and wars are just a regional issue.  There can be no doubt that it will eventually extend globally.  Why? The book of Revelation reveals that when these four (fallen) angels bound in the River Euphrates are released they will be responsible for fomenting wars that lead to the death of 1/3rd of mankind (read Rev. 9:14-18).

Current Events surrounding the Euphrates area

The Euphrates runs through the following nations: Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran. How interesting, or should I say how alarming that all four nations along with Russia, America, and a host of rebel and terrorist factions are all currently involved in an escalating war in Syria, while Iraq is mired in a life and death struggle with ISIS. Iran is also engaged in Syria, while it is “hell” bent on developing nuclear weapons of mass destruction.  IMHO, we are already at the cusps of WW3. Yet the world media does not want to openly admit it, so as to not shock the masses out of their state of bliss.  In fact, I wonder if the masses have already been conditioned to only believe what the social and mainstream media report or what they themselves choose or want to believe!

I don’t know about you, but I sense that suddenly there appears to be an exponential increase in hatred, distrust and rage not just in America but throughout the world.  Could this be the result of the 4 prince powers of the Euphrates area having already been loosened? This would explain the sudden emergence of ISIS from the Euphrates region and the escalation of war in Syria (another Euphrates area nation)The Euphrates runs smack through the middle of Syria and Iraq! Indeed these 4 powerful angels may already be stirring up the spirit of rage and violence in the minds of men and nations.

End Time prophecies Associated with the Great Euphrates

1) The Day of the Lord, the great tribulation period (apocalypse) will involve the nations surrounding the Euphrates!  Let’s read:

“For this is the day of the Lord God of hosts, a day of vengeance, that He may avenge Himself on His adversaries. The sword shall devour; it shall be satiated and made drunk with their blood; For the Lord God of hosts has a sacrifice in the North Country by the River Euphrates“.
Jeremiah 51:63

2) ISIS evolved from the Euphrates area of Iraq. Allegedly there is or was recently a side agreement whereby America would fight ISIS from the east side of the Euphrates (Northeastern Iraq), while Russia would fight ISIS west of the Euphrates.  

3) The Euphrates runs through Iraq; which has been in a state of instability since the Gulf war of 1991.  The Saddam Hussein regime fell in 2003 and since then the new “unstable” government has been mired in skirmishes and wars with ISIS fighters for over a decade or so.

4) A war is already raging in Syria, and Damascus is about 60% destroyed.  Damascus is prophesied to be destroyed just before the start of Armageddon (read Isaiah 17:1).  The Euphrates River also runs through Syria before making its way through Iraq and emptying into the Persian Gulf.

5) The four angels bound at the Euphrates area will be loosened at the 6th Trumpet, which triggers WW3 or Armageddon (Rev. 9:13-16)

6) These four angels will stir up the nations to a war that results in the death of 1/3rd of mankind (read Rev. 9:14-18)!

We are talking here about an age ending Cataclysmic death toll of roughly 2.4 billion souls.  So this war that is stirred up by the 4 angels from the Euphrates will most likely involve a global nuclear exchange! 

7) The apocalypse judgments may include asteroid impact(s) as well, but the Euphrates prophecies make it clear that man made weapons of mass destruction will be used. This is revealed in Revelation 9:18 which says that fire, smoke and brimstone comes out of the mouth (out of the influence) of the four fallen angels of the Euphrates; not meteors falling from the sky or cosmos.

8) The Euphrates River begins in Turkey, where Jesus reveals that Satan’s throne resides (read Rev. 2:13).  It then flows through Syria and Iraq, joins the Tigris River, and then becomes the Shat al-Arab waterway; a border between Iraq and Iran that has been a point of many disputes between the two nations throughout history. 

9) As just noted, Iran and Iraq share part of the Euphrates vis-à-vis a waterway just before it empties into the Persian Gulf. Iran is also engaged in Syria, and is “hell” bent on developing nuclear weapons of mass destruction.  

10) These evil spirits will stir up the Kings of the East.  These include nations located east of Israel, and may include Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and or a combination thereof.   Rev. 16:12 – “Then the sixth angel poured out his bowl on the great river Euphrates, and its water was dried up, so that the way of the kings from the east might be prepared”.

11) The Kings of the East that are stirred to war by the 4 angels of the Euphrates are believed by most people as being associated with a 200,000,000 man army.   This may be the case but time will tell whether this is a literal 200,000,000 man army or an army of demons summoned to destroy 1/3rd of mankind.

12) Revelation 9:14-15 reveals that the four angels who will be released “were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year.  Could these 13 months of hell on earth include a nuclear exchange that causes a third of mankind to perish.”

13) In bible prophecy the number four is associated with the earth; the four corners of the earth.  So these 4 angels may be loosened at the time of the end to unleash a global war of colossal destruction.

14) The Euphrates River is drying up.  Rev. 16:12 reveals that the Euphrates will dry up to make way for the Kings of the East invasion force. Whether literal or not, the formerly fertile crescent and fertile sea land of ancient Babylon is indeed drying up; it is transforming into Isaiah’s prophesied “Desert by the Sea” (read Isaiah 21:1, 9).

15) Original Sin had its birth at the Euphrates area!  Lastly, the Euphrates is associated with original sin and evil.  The serpent deceived Adam and Eve at the Garden of Eden in the Euphrates area (Genesis 3:1-11)! The first false religion of Nimrod originated in the Euphrates area, as well as the pagan culture and many false gods worshipped by ancient Babylon; the latter being a symbol of all the kingdoms and false religions of the earth that will come under God’s judgment at the time of the end (read Rev. 18:24).

In closing, note that these fallen angels are bound until a specific time when God removes His hedge of protection from the earth so that these fallen angels can execute Satan’s end time plans to destroy as much of mankind as God will allow.  This is NOT because God is merciless, but because fallen man has rejected the sovereign God for the fake gods of this fallen world.  In fact Rev. 16:9 and Rev. 16:21 reveal that the inhabitants of the earth, those not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, will have become so demon possessed before the Lord’s return that they will blame God Almighty for all of their plagues, rather then their foolish decision to follow Satan and the kings of this earth!

For all who think that that these prophecies are for a later date, I hope you are right!  Notwithstanding, I have set forth numerous reasons why it appears that the 4 angels of the Euphrates area may have already been released. None of us know the hour, but the Lord commands His people to heed the signs of the times (Matthew 16:3); and the signs today from the nations surrounding the Euphrates area are telling us that we need to be ready for the imminent return of the Lord; to rapture or shelter the elect before that “Great Day of God The Almighty” (Rev. 16:14).

Until the next update, your fellow servant signs out.

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