What the “One World Government” – which harbors the name “Beast Kingdom” in biblical prophecy will be like 

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One World Government


Robert Rite (6/17/17)The prideful spirit in man makes him think that he can subdue the enemy and control evil in this world – without God.  When we watch the evening news we can see how well that is working out for us.  In this message let’s review why the enemy wants the nations to unite, why so many will embrace the establishment of the final global government referred to in the prophecies as the “beast kingdom“, and possible scenarios leading to the establishment of this final kingdom.

Why the enemy of Mankind Desperately Wants a One World Government

We must keep in mind that Satan’s primary objective is to centralize his power by creating a one world government, and fully possessing its leader (the man of perdition – antichrist) so that his goal of wiping out all mankind can be achieved,

Satan wants to keep as many souls as he can out of God’s kingdom for several reasons:

1) Pure evil takes great pleasure in afflicting others with pain and suffering.
2) He knows how much it hurts God to lose just one soul to the lake of Fire.
3) He actually thinks that by destroying God’s creation, he can win this battle between good and evil; light and darkness.

The coming world leader, antichrist, will be fully possessed by Satan’s spirit of hatred, evil, and a lust for glory, power, and blood (even more so than Hitler).  This is why the bible refers to him as a beast” (Rev. 13:1).  He will find great pleasure in handing over the kingdoms of the world to Satan; and God will allow this for the short space of time referred to as the Great tribulation (Apocalypse).  

Why so many will Embrace the Coming Global Government

Let me premise by saying that we already have the framework of a one world government in place.  For example, the United Nations already has its own military and weaponry.

What more of a friendly name can there be for the coming One World Government and beast kingdom than “United Nations”?
What sounds less threatening “Beast Kingdom” or United nations
And UN is a nomenclature that the world has already grown comfortable with!

Some kind of calamity, whether natural or man-made, will trigger an outcry for the world to unite.  Hitler was able to gain absolute control over Germany because the people were desperate for a “messiah like figure” that could lead the nation out of their hyper-inflationary economic collapse.  Just like the citizens of post WW1 Germany, the inhabitants of the earth at the start of the apocalypse will become desperate for a solution to whatever triggers the coming global crisis. 

Being spiritually blind and lacking the knowledge of truth, most who are not aware of or believe in the end time biblical prophecies, will not be aware of the mortal risks associated with living in the beast empire, and the end time judgments and calamities that this final global government will unleash upon an unsuspecting world.

Of course there will be many folks who will not necessarily embrace the global government, but will feel forced to take the mark of Satan (Rev. 13) once enforced – for fear of facing persecution, death and or being locked out of the global economy, and therefore not being able to work, buy or sell.

Possible Scenario Leading to the end time Global Government:

The following are based on biblical prophecies that I have studied and I have applied them to current and evolving events:

1) As I just noted, I believe that there will be some kind of global calamity that will cause political, economic and social chaos.  As a result there may be an outcry for the world to unite. The global establishment which loves instability would then pounce on this opportunity for a global power grab.

2)  I believe the global government at first will garner much approval, trust and support through its many jobs, social programs, and promises of a utopian like future (just like Hitler promised).  But like all evil totalitarian regimes, once it has acquired absolute power, the beast kingdom gradually mutates from a socialist government, into an empire that commands submission at the peril of death (Rev. 13:12-18).   

3) Under Satan’s influence, the new world order will mutate in a short space of time (3.5 years) into the beast kingdom (end time global government), consisting of a 10 nation confederacy that will serve as the enforcer of the empires evil plans (Rev. 17:12). 

4) The prophecies reveal that one or more nations, probably those with nationalistic policies, might be subdued or destroyed in order for the beast kingdom to achieve absolute global control (read Rev. 18).  This will mark the beginning of the apocalypse (the Great Tribulation) which will lead to massive losses of life (we are talking billions here – read Rev. 6:8). 

5) Being that what he really desires is to be worshiped like god (just like Satan desires), he will setup a universal religion with assistance of his false prophet; using for example excuses like ending all religious intolerance, extremism, and conflicts caused by religious wars.  It all sounds great except that they are all lies strait from the Father of Lies. And the world is already being conditioned with so many lies that, outside of the scriptures, we do not even know what the truth is anymore!

NOTE: I believe that at first, this global religion will comprise many religions with “many ways to God” (as is already being preached), in order to achieve wholesale acceptance. But once the antichrist gains absolute control and power he will then reject that dogma and require all inhabitants to worship him as god.

6) Approximately 3.5 years into the tribulation period when the leader of the beast kingdom (antichrist) will have attained control over the earth (read Rev. 13:5-7),  he will then scrap the existing universal religion, claim that he is god, and require the taking of his mark (666), which will somehow be tied to the worship of antichrist as the only god, at the peril of imprisonment and or martyrdom.

 7) Those who are written in the Book of Life (the believers who are marked for salvation) will refuse to worship the beast or take his mark.  These are the tribulation saints that are martyred during the Great Tribulation (last 3.5 years of this age).  These are the over-comers who will reign with Messiah during the Millennium (read Rev. 7-8; Rev. 20:4)

NOTE: Do not think that humanity will protest the persecution of millions of innocent Christians, Jews and all who refuse the mark of the antichrist – The love of most will grow cold in these last days. Humanity is not even protesting the scores of Christians being massacred in the Middle East and Africa today!  There was an outcry to rescue Muslim refugees out of Syria, but where is the outcry to stop the Christian massacres going on today?  It gets worse.  the inhabitants of the earth during the reign of antichrist will actually celebrate these persecutions (read Revelation. 11:10)!  This shows how dangerous it is to worship our kings and presidents, and how demonically possessed those who take the mark and support the end time global empire will become.

Why a Global Government is not a good idea

Do you really think that uniting a bunch of fallen nations who have rejected the sovereign God and therefore have no hedge of protection from the prince of this age – is a good idea? That is akin to gathering the sheep for slaughter!

The Germans under NAZI rule, put their trust in their messianic figure, and Satan sifted Germany and their Fuhrer like wheat – resulting in 60 million deaths, and the ultimate destruction of Germany itself. Mark my words: “History repeats”!

I may not be the smartest man in the block, but even I know that when you combine evil nations together – you are NOT going to end up with a morally righteous kingdom. You can only end up with much greater evil!  This is not rocket science:



My brothers and sisters in Christ, despite what this last generation might think, the Lord warned us all that without the “whole armor of God (Ephesians) man is no match for the cunning of the prince of this age and his demonic forces and principalities.  Mortal man is NOT god – as those who are not written in the book of life may think.

Now is the time to repent and commit our lives to the true God of the Bible.  It will be extremely difficult to seek salvation during the coming apocalypse (great tribulation).  In those days evil will consume the world, and the full measure of the influence and power of the devil (the prince of the power of the air) will be unleashed upon the earth; consequently making it exponentially harder to repent, resist and overcome. Most so called Christians of today are afraid to be labelled as a conservative Christian, let alone as a “born again Christian”!  How much harder for them to boldly confess Jesus Christ when a sword is aimed at their neck?

Right now is the perfect moment to seek humility and the Lord’s protection, then perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the Lord’s Anger.  Let’s read what the spirit says to the contrite:

“Seek the Lord, all you humble of the earth, who have observed His ordinances. Seek righteousness, seek humility. Perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the Lord’s anger”.  Zephaniah 2:3

Until my next update, stay informed, be prepared, and seek the Lord.
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